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When Melbournians are looking for a street they don't just refer to a street directory, they "look it up in the Melway".

Melway is the most advanced, accurate, up to date and comprehensive street directory produced anywhere in the world, and its enormous success is due to the dedication and innovation of the Melway organisation.

The Melway maps not only show in colour the total Melbourne road network but also include a wealth of additional information such as tram and bus routes, schools, shops, churches, police stations, traffic lights, public telephones and hospitals, just to name a few.


  • NEW Box Hill enlargement
  • NEW Moonee Ponds enlargement
  • CBD mobility map extended to include Victoria Market, Museum and Exhibition Building
  • Fruit Fly boundaries on maps 613 - 630
  • Marine Parks and boundaries. Melway maps show government designated areas
  • Selected electricity transmission pylon numbers now included
  • Shared bicycle road routes
  • GPS compatible WGS/MGA grid
  • New headings make the Community Services Index even easier to use
  • There are 1621 more entries than in the Melway Edition 30 street index.
  • Every map fully revised
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